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Teen Animal Rights Activism, (T.A.R.A)

Looking backward...

Join me Leah in the fight against cruelty to animals!

The background of this non-profit organization is pretty simple. I started this page last year, I am currently a 17 year old female. I had never really looked into animal cruelty all though I knew it exsisted. After listening to a certain person retelling horrible things he had done to his pets I went on-line and read information on animal cruelty. I was disgusted at the things I learned doing this and so I've created this organization to help my fellow teens realize the importance of an animal cruelty free world. Where no animals are harmed for sensless reasoning!

Please Help!

Sign up for the monthly newsletter! Inwhich e-mail addresses of companies where animal cruelty is, so that you can e-mail them with your own opinions! You'll also recieve a personal note from me on current events involving animals. If interested just sign my guestbook, leave your e-mail address and say you want to join! It's free! And for a good cause!