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Animal Experimentation


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* To study the result of head trauma, primates were strapped in machinery to recieve high-impact blows to the head that left them with severe brain damage and cruel taunts from vivisectors, as documented by video tape. (University of Pennsylvania)
* To examine severe burns on live tissue, pigs were restrained to prevent their escape and then burned alive with a flamethrower until the charred flesh could be removed from the live animals in large pieces. (U.S. Army)
* To measure recovery from injuries, dogs were strapped down, and vivisectors mutilated the dogs' kness by cutting apart skin to leave flaps. At the end of the study, all dogs were killed. (Uniformed Services University- Department of Defense)
* To demonstrate the eye's protein levels are not different in sight deprived monkeys compared to normal ones, animal experimenters sewed the monkeys' eyelids shut. (Emory University, NIH project P51 RR00165-38)
* To test the hypothesis, among others, that it "will result in reductions in body weight, body fat and lean body mass" vivisectors withhold normal amounts and types of food from monkeys. (University of Wisconsin- Madison, NIH project P01 AG11915-05S1).
* To demonstrate that deaf cats 'meow' louder than cats with hearing, kittens' aural canals were destroyed, and then researchers measured the loudness of their cries. (UCLA, Brain Research Institute)

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Funding for Experimentations

Every year, the U.S vivisection industries spend over $18 billion on animal experiments.

We could be using this money for poor starving hungry children, or library funding, but no our taxes fund the death and cruelty of billions of animals!

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.