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Save the Horses


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Teen Animal Rights Activism, (T.A.R.A)

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Can you believe that horse slaughter is an issue in the U.S? It is! Every day horses are sold to the slaughter houses where they are killed and then sold for their meat. This horrible act has been going on for too long! These horses consist of pregnant mares, young foals, healthy geldings, old work horses, retired race track horses and more.

The worst part is that the USDA promotes horsemeat!
(U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Most of the horsemeat is sold countries where it is more common to eat horses. In 1994 109,353 pounds of horsemeat was shipped overseas. You can only imagine the increase over the years!

Is it okay for perfectly healthy horses, even pregant mares to be butchered??